Art Ground

Art Ground
Gooest,Children,Art,Projection,Ground,Light and shadow,Interactive,Exhibition
Mystery wonderland, flowers blooming under your feet, bees and butterflies dancing around you, all that not only exist in the imagination any more. Gooest uses digital technology to create a fantastic visual presentation, which leads people to understand and appreciated the information and aesthetics conveyed by the artistic ground through their own eyes. Visual art exists in life, participates in the construction of human soul cultivation, and bring us spiritual sustenance and pleasure. Explore and find the beauty in movement and stillness. Enjoy the interaction with the imaginary space in a close-up visual reality environment.
Writing ink and complete the exquisite color abstraction painting by footsteps . The color of the image is both strong and mild appropriately. On the artistic ground, everyone is a born artist. The oil paintings that are randomly sprayed, they either ethereal, broad, full of life, or harmony and upwards which often make people keep them stay and enjoy. 
Active various interactive effects by stepping on the projection zone.
Physical and psychological relaxing, stretching and exercising arms and legs, improving the body coordination and good for kids growth.
Develop kids right head, excising memory ability and improve hand, eyes and mental coordination.  
It can be applied to children's playgrounds, amusement park, naughty castles, parent-child, science and technology museums and other multimedia interactive places.