By loft Shanghai 
September 2017,Art,LED,Watch,Device   Shanghai,China
Shanghai BY Group invited Gooest provide multimedia technical support for their interactive park.
Gooest team appeared many times to the project site, and did site visits and communication regarding to existing demands. 
With constantly adjustment, Gooest  finally customersized 15 children interactive entertainment products for Shanghai by Loft.
Since then Gooest and Shanghai BY Group has reached a cooperation.
Gooest concentrates on research and cross different levels of display and interaction reasonably,such as dynamic experience, creative painting, superlative interaction and artistic appreciation.
Projection, motion sensing, touch, and a variety of multimedia interactive technology could be copperated with each other.
By Loft introduced a wide range of entertainment products in order to satisfy different age groups, people with different preferences and create a modern interactive children's park.