Magic Block

Magic Block
The smooth of traffic requires traffic rules. The orderly development of the world also requires various rules.
It is of great significance for children to understand the meaning of rules.
How to make it easier for children to understand this? The light and shadow interactive game "Magic Traffic" may bring the subtle influence of the child.
Using children's favorite "building blocks toys", they have independently built trains, cars, planes and ships of various ages.
"Magic Traffic" not only injects new vitality into traditional building blocks, but also allows children to remember in the game through virtual and real interaction.
The evolution and development of transportation, and through the cooperation of many people to create a wonderful world of transportation.
The imagination of children is the future of the world.
"Magic Traffic" is a light and shadow interactive game developed by Gooest Technology for players over 5 years old.
It is suitable for children's playgrounds, naughty castles, parks, amusement parks, parent-child activities and other multimedia interactive scenes.
The blocks interaction 
Adaptability: it can quickly adapt to the local market, and the project can get benefits quickly
Sensation: can quickly increase popularity and attract a large number of passengers
Strong relativity: can significantly drive the earnings of other projects
Continuity: the game is abundant in content to maintain long-term revenue
Attraction: more players’ game, multi-person onlookers, stable and sufficient passenger flow
Operability: easy to operate, easy to use, realistic experience, high player stickiness
Expandability: One-time layout can be flexibly matched with multiple projects to reduce costs
Interesting: the gameplay is in line with players' preferences, and the pictures are realistic and exciting, which are deeply loved by players
 It can be applied to children's playgrounds, amusement park, naughty castles, parent-child and other multi-media interactive places.