Nierbao large Modern Projection Interactive Children's theme Park
July 2017,Art,LED,Watch,Device   HangzhouChina
In July 2018, GOOEST and Nierbao worked together to create a large modern projection interactive children's theme park in Hangzhou.
The new collision between art, interaction and science and technology has created a dreamy fairy tale paradise.
Here you can feel the magical painting experience brought about by "Magic Sea", different "magic traffic", the most poetic "Flower Butterfly Valley" and the indoor "virtual beach",
several interactive multimedia products, How fun you want to be and it will be !
The overall design of several products of the venue is carried out with full consideration of the integrity, safety, comfort and satisfaction of all kinds of children's needs, in addition to meeting the needs of children.
Noisy psychology, but also increased parental, interactive and other functions, to take you to feel different projection interactive world.